Our caller, Ben has been calling ceilidhs for 20+ years and has led dances at hundreds of events: weddings; birthdays; engagement parties; festivals; charity events; school and university events; ceilidh clubs and even a divorce party! He aims to make the dances accessible and inclusive, calling some less well known dances along with some popular standards, as a means to cater for all dancers regardless of previous experience.

Here is a list of some of our most popular ceilidh dances, but there are plenty more we can offer if there’s one you particularly want for your event:

Arches of St Magnus’
Auld Lang Syne
Black Nag
Boston Tea Party
Bottoms Up
Bransle de Moutarde
Bridge o’er the Bay
Bridge of Athlone
Britania Two-step
Canadian Barn Dance
Chancellor’s Farewell
Christmas Tree
Circassian Circle
Circle Waltz
Clopton Bridge
Cornish 6-hand Reel
Cumberland Square Eight
Dashing White Seargent
Djatchko Kolo
Flying Scotsman
Four Round Four
Fretful Porcupine
Gay Gordons
Highland Barn Dance
Holmfirth Square
La Pieternelle
Lucky Seven
Maggie’s Mixer
March to the End
Miiltary Two-Step
Orcadian Strip the Willow
OXO Reel
Rebecca’s Roundabout
Rozsa Waltz
Sausage Machine
Siege of Ennis
Small Potatoes
Snakes and Ladders
Snowball Reel
St Bernard’s Waltz
Strip the Willow
Swedish Masquerade
Sweets of May
Virginia Reel
Walls of Limerick
Waves of Morecambe Shore
Waves of Tory
Westmoreland Cottagers
Witch’s Reel
Wring out the Dishrag
Zemer Atik